Chinese food and beverage

  • Farmers in southern Anhui

    There are three Chinese dishes in the farm street in South Anhui Province. The farmers in southern Anhui Province are very authentic Anhui cuisine. Most of the ingredients are transported to Shanghai by Anhui purchase. The store never puts MSG or special dishes, and the service personnel are simple. There is no way out of the distance can also feel the feeling of farm music.

  • Two door restaurant (northwest)

    The two door restaurant, northwest flavor restaurant. The chef here came from the northwest, and the beef and mutton and other raw materials from the northwest.

  • Please please have a good meal (Shanghai)

    Please invite the food of new Shanghai food to set up a hundred home and create pure sea.

  • Shantou Second snake Hot pot (Chaozhou)

    The tide is a second snake Hot pot meal is authentic Chaozhou cuisine, the authentic Chaozhou master chef

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