Located in the core area of Hongmei Road, "Foreigner Street 101" is a beautiful street with a quiet atmosphere, featuring modern European style and bl...

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The mission of the company

Meet people's needs for the taste of life

The vision of the company

Excellent operators with characteristic leisure experience business

The val

In order to become an excellent operator of the characteristic leisure experience business as soon as possible, the company's development strategy is:

First, continue to study the "old street" brand and copy the machine.

Two, the creation of a new brand "ara city" and rapid development.

There are more than 30 franchisees in Lao street. They are mainly western food, bar, Chinese food and so on, and 23 foreigners Street restaurants are ideal places for foreigners. Foreigner street, welcome to join!

Join the phone: 021-64658088

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address:No.1 Lane 3338, Hongmei Road, Shanghai, China

tel:021-64656068 / 64658088 / 33581999