Western Restaurant Bar

  • Papa’s Bierstube(Germany)

    The German village restaurant is a few authentic German restaurants in Shanghai. The restaurants are mostly German foreigners and German sausages are signs.

  • City Bull(Canada)

    The city bull restaurant is a restaurant that starts with a orthodox western breakfast

  • Incline/oblique Bistro

    When he was tired, he slowed down and sat down and slanted.
    Inclined (learn) relax, sideways sideways drink, enjoy this moment, enjoy life.

  • Senna, France

    Senna to Western-style food, music, bar nature, Western-style food to Mediterranean cuisines mainly with European and American pop elements, the flagship store of France Blue Bay, steakmaterial from Australia ranch by famous French chef training team cooked steak, tender and juicy, with bright health, the temptation of your taste buds