Western Restaurant Bar

  • Fratelli Di Cucina (Italy)

    Fratelli Di Cucina With the concept of ''healthy'' ''orthodox'', the devil has quietly publicized the Italy food and beverage culture. From the selection of materials, cooking to present in front of the guests, each dish by the chef personally check, you feel not only a dish, more is full of love.

  • STORY TAVERN (Ireland)

    A typical Irish style restaurant

  • Delight Food (Belgium)

    The first Belgian beer restaurant in Shanghai

  • Las Tapas (Spain)

    Spanish cuisine has a unique flavor, it combines the Mediterranean and Eastern cooking essence, diners can smell identification by garlic rich olive oil and delicious flavor dish in Spanish cuisine.

  • Wine music (Japan)

    The wine music comes from the new concept of food in Osaka - the fashion creation of Japanese cuisine.

  • Simply Thai(Thailand)

    If you want to experience the authentic Thailand cuisine to make yourself feel Thailand, there is only one place, Shanghai - Simply Thai.